David Nyuol Vincent氏 とオーストラリアのメルボルン市で青年難民支援プロジェクト活動を行っている小野 綾 さんが、来日、高村憲明さんを記念する多目的センターを南スーダンに建設する計画について話していただきます。

カクマのワークキャンプに参加された方、高村さんをご存じのかた、この集まりを皆さんにお知らせください。よろしくお願いいたします。 松木

墨田区江東橋5-3-1 Tel.03-3634-7809

Dear Suguru,
Thank you for your time. We are at initial set up stages, the detailed project proposals and our website is just being developed as we speak. I’m now also in touch with South Sudan so we can obtain recommendation and support letters from:

National government in Juba,the office of the President
State Government in Kuajok – the office of the governor
Local government – Twic County – the office of the commissioner
I’ am very certain we will be able to have these sorted out in two weeks time before our journey.

We have progressed so far since we last contacted you to share the idea of what we are doing. I’m very hopeful that we will be able to honour Noriaki in a very special way, something that personally I’ll devote all my time to see to it his name and legacy continue to live on in South Sudan. As you can see Noriaki Multi-Purpose Centre is just one of the projects we will be working on.

I have made contacts with most of lost boys in the US and Australia and we have amazing stories and memories of Noriaki and Wakachiai. We can’t find words to thank you enough for all the support we received in Kakuma.

Aya and I have also tentatively made arrangement to visit South Sudan in September. We will conduct further consultation with my community and the authorities about our work.
We have also a very good team based in Australia and South Sudan who will be working with us.

Once again, thank you very much for your support, am looking forward meeting you in few weeks time. We will have a lot and more tangible things to discuss when we meet.

With appreciation and kind regards,



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